Back In The Ocean

Posted by: Latoosa


My name is Latoosa and I’m from the great state of Texas. While browsing around for a new job I stumbled upon an advertisement to do a volunteer program with whale sharks and other megafauna down in Mozambique at the Whale Shark and Marine Conservation project. This sounded like an amazing opportunity that I couldn’t pass up, so I applied, was accepted and in no time I found myself in Mozambique!

Upon arriving to the home base in Tofo both Katie and Giustina were there to greet us and give us a quick blurb about our first day. My first impression of everything was just jaw- dropping gorgeous! The other volunteers Anita and Joe had already found out that we were close to the same age. Joe is from Australia, Anita is from Switzerland. Joe, Anita and I all were at different levels of diving. Anita and I had our Open Water certificates while Joe was new to the diving world. Therefore Joe started with his open water courses while Anita and I began advanced courses!

The next week flew by with each day being a mix of diving, ocean safaris, filling out paperwork and remembering to pull the GPS data before it got rewritten. Some days were more amazing than others, like the ocean safari day where Anitia and I saw two whale sharks in one day (Not to brag of course) and rare humpback dolphins!

On the last day, with our feet dragging in the sand we took our bags to the van that took us to the airport. We hugged the friends we made, email addresses and Facebook information were exchanged and promises of to “keep in touch” or “don’t forget to post your great photos!” were passed. The time here was just spectacular and that the memories of the people and things we saw will be bright spots in our memories!