Danielle’s Experience Teaching in Fiji

Posted by: Danielle Y.

Each and every day that I walked into the classrooms of the Fiji kindergarten, my heart was touched by the big brown eyes and smiling faces of the local children. At the first sight of our volunteers, the children shout in unison, “Bulaaaa”. Our participants respond to them in an instant, “Bulaaaa”.

The glowing eyes and happy faces of these unique children transcends your small nitty-gritty life as a foreigner in Fiji. Each of these children usually have more than 4 or 5 siblings, raised sometimes by a single mother. They even sometimes live with their grandparents in small rooms, sharing one bed, one toilet, few clothes and little food with each other.

Despite the condition, their love for their classmates and outsiders did not cease. Surprisingly enough, each time volunteers give something or donate books and stationary to the class, the kids, did not pounce on them nor rush to grab it first. They demonstrate true brotherhood and patience as they wait in turn to receive the same. Volunteers are amazed how some children give away the bigger piece to make his/her friend happy.

At the end of the day these little busy bodies, with super curly hair, enormous eyelashes, bright white teeth, and a giggly voices, come running to embrace their “teachers” with a hug and shout, “Vinaka, Miss. Moce mataka. (Thank you, Miss. See you tomorrow)

They seem so motivated and eager to make charts, draw pictures, create games etc. in their spare time and take them to class the next day. They love to be involved with each child and take pride in the small steps of progress that their pupils are making.

This program displays the true essence of happiness!!