Hannah’s African Experience

Posted by: Hannah

When I first arrived at the Southern Africa Road Trip I did not know what to expect. And then this trip simply turned out to be one of my most precious travel experiences ever. Not only do you get to see a Southern Africa beyond the typical, touristic routes, you also get to know the kind and warm people to travel with.

We had so much fun as a group – also because the guides were wonderful, inspiring and innovative people. Besides traveling through gorgeous nature you get to experience yourself in a new way, too. I think if everyone took this journey, our world would be a little bit more open-minded and mindful of each other because this travel experience also gives you an insight into Southern Africa that you would normally not have

It also cures some common misconceptions of the South of Africa as being infested by criminality and such. In fact, you get to learn to change your perspective on the world and its inhabitants. What more than this coupled with so much fun and laughter could one expect from a travel experience? This is why I say: Book the trip! You will not regret it!