Journeying Through Jordan!

Posted by: Zoe K.

Imagine three days in a foreign country, three different locations, and three completely unique experiences you’ll never forget. This was my trip to Jordan in a nutshell!

Exploring the vast, ancient city of Jeresh on our first day was an incredible introduction – the city of a thousand pillars didn’t disappoint! You wouldn’t expect an ancient, Roman city quite like it, so far east and so well preserved; but it certainly was impressive, sticking out like a sore thumb against the backdrop of the modern, Middle Eastern apartments only a stone’s throw away.

Our next stop: Sleeping overnight in Bedouin tents in the foothills of Petra. I’ll let the grandeur of that speak for itself!

The huge benefit of this trip is the FULL day you have to explore Petra!  Starting off early in the morning before the crowds, you don’t need to feel rushed or miss out on any of the important sites.  We had a fully guided tour in the morning, and time in the afternoon to explore on our own, so we truly got to experience the best of both worlds to soak it all in! The mysteries of this ancient city were fascinating during the daytime, and we even had a chance to experience Petra at night – an opportunity you don’t want to miss.

This trip was so well put together because by the time we left Petra the following day, we all felt satisfied that we were able to see and experience above and beyond what we expected!

Our last day was also very special as we were able to participate on a jeep tour through Wadi Rum. For anyone going to Petra it would be an absolute shame to miss seeing this part of the desert, just a short ride away! It’s not just any ordinary place; you feel as if you’ve been transported to Mars. Drive through the vast sands and enjoy the delicious hospitality of the Bedouins. Wadi Rum is the cherry on the top of the cake.

All in all, I wouldn’t recommend anyone to go to Jordan for less that this three-day trip, as you wouldn’t have enough time to really take in all the wonders of this amazing country. I honestly recommend this program for anyone interested in experiencing the Middle East  and looking for an adventure.