Kathryn’s Volunteer Experience in India

Posted by: Kathryn G.

I can honestly say I have never done anything before like the Road Trip India project. I’ve done tours before but this isn’t anything like previous touristy tours. You get so much more of a feel for the local people and customs on this amazing adventure. We travel like the locals and having a local guide mean we got to go and eat and so many off the beaten track local haunts and get authentic Indian meals.

Not only does the road trip feel authentically Indian but you experience so many different things and places during it. We dove straight in with a 2-day hike that was so incredibly worth it for the views and acts as a great bonding experience with the other volunteers, a true trial by fire! After that it’s on to each place, seeing temples, land marks and so much more, India truly has so much to offer and so many amazing places to see and this was just a taste of it all.

The people there are all so friendly and really make you feel like a celebrity! And after 3 weeks of amazing sights it’s so nice then to be able to spend some time giving back. I got the chance to work at an old people’s home doing a mix of renovations and spending time with the residents. The residents are fantastic and so sharp and witty with so many incredible stories to share. It made the trip that much better, getting to experience so much of India and then learn about just what it was like to live and grow up in India.

The staff and guides throughout the trip were all so wonderful and friendly and you get to learn so much from them and the people around you. India is such a diverse, beautiful country with so much to see and do and learn.