My Volunteer Experience at the Animal Shelter in Peru

Posted by: Alexandra D.

I first visited the Amazon shelter in 2021, I absolutely loved the amazon shelter. I returned in 2022, and if I wasn’t all the way over to Australia I would probably visit again this year.

The highlight of my time at the Amazon shelter, I had the privilege of being responsible for the care of Ellie the Tapir.
I was also responsible for caring for one sloth that was at the shelter.

During my time at the amazon shelter, I assisted with many animal rescues and releases.

The staff at the shelter are all friendly. If you want to go to Puerto Maldonado for a meal out or your day off it’s just a short tuk-tuk drive.

Over the road there is a little bar with a lovely view of the amazon river and the sunset.

The shelter also offers tours and excursions with a third party.

Each visit has been different, but each visit has been amazing and I will return again one day.