Six Weeks I Will Never Forget

Posted by: Shaelyn R.

During my stay in Costa Rica at the Animal Rescue and Conservation project, I had some amazing moments, and some frustrating moments. But my overall six weeks I had there I will never forget. Thanks to GoEco for helping me find this project.

I met some of the craziest and most fun people. There were adorable, amazing animals I thought I would never get to interact with ever, but I did! Working with sea turtles was so cool! Walking up and down the beach at night looking for turtles coming out of the water to lay there eggs, collecting them, then putting the eggs in the hatchery and waiting for them to hatch.

Every day going down to the beach to see if there are any babies to set free into the water. At the rescue Center, every day preparing meals, cleaning cages, having them the monkeys, marmoset, kinkajou, and more climb all over you; I thought could only be a dream! This whole journey in San Jose and more city’s was a bundle of emotions that I will never forget!