Solveig’s Volunteer Experience in South Africa – Experience of a Lifetime!

Posted by: Solveig A.

During my time as a volunteer at the Wildlife Rehabilitation Center, the days included hard work and structured daily routines. Adult animals had to be fed and their enclosures had to be cleaned, but the work also included the excitement of spending time with the fantastic animals and to learn more about how the animals live and how humans interact with them.

If you are lucky you are also able to spend time with baby animals during the stay. Honey badgers, antelopes, servals, cheetahs, lions and even a 6 months old rhino were some of the baby animals I had the pleasure to feed and spend time with, and I loved it!

You are also able to take some time off from your daily work to experience the areas around the center through the center’s different “free time” activities. I chose to Visit Kruger National Park among other things and it was a great experience!

Some volunteers stay for a week or two at the rehabilitation center while others stay for months, like I did. I spent 2 months at the center, which I do not regret. Even though I experienced a lot during my stay, I can say that 1 month is long enough if you don’t have the time to take 2 months off. 2 weeks on the other hand, is in my opinion, too short to experience all the things the Wildlife Rehabilitation Center has to offer.

You will have memories, friends, and experiences for life after volunteering like this, and even though it has been hard work, it is truly one of the best and most rewarding experiences of my life!