The Adventure of a Lifetime

Posted by: Sydney H.

May 10th, 2017 marked the first day of my adventure of a lifetime. This was the day I landed in Prague and began at the Prague Hostel Internship. Working at the hostel consisted of three main duties: housekeeping, bartending, and reception. Jobs for the day would be assigned on a basis of what the hostel needed for that day. By the end of my time in Prague I felt like I had learned all of the jobs fairly well and felt very knowledgeable in the hostel business.

My favourite part about working in a hostel was the amazing people I was able to meet. The night shift bartending turned out to be especially good for making friends. Oftentimes I would make friends who would invite me to come with them to other bars after my shift. Many of the staff members at the hostel also turned out to be really good friends of mine. Eventually staying in the hostel made me feel like I was staying with family. For a solo traveller, having such a friendly environment made my whole experience more enjoyable.

When I was not working I had the fantastic job of exploring the city of Prague. Prague is a city that seems to capture everyone’s hearts. The city is incredibly breathtaking. One of my favourite memories was walking back to the hostel one night. I was crossing a bridge on the river and I looked over and was put in awe by the view of the Prague Castle and the Charles Bridge lit up at night. The beauty of the city seemed to constantly put me into a good mood because I could enjoy myself even with the simplest of things; such as walking around the city, or sitting in the park with a book.

I would highly recommend Prague to anyone who is interested in visiting one of the coolest cities in Europe. Although, you should be warned; the second you leave, you will want to come back!