Volunteer in Israel at the Nimrod Eco-Lodge

Posted by: Yan

When I first arrived at the Mountain Eco-Lodge project my first thought was that I had found the beauty of Switzerland in the heart of the Middle East!

When you think about being a volunteer in Israel, immediately you see in your imagination a picture of holy places, sea, and of course, camels in the desert. In reality, Israel actually has a wide variety of different places to offer. One of these special places is Nimrod.

Nimrod is located in the northern Golan Heights – on the slopes of Mt. Hermon. The landscape and weather of the Golan Heights is totally different from any other region in Israel. So, if you want to be in the coolest area of Israel, work with a team, experience nature,sleep in a wooden hut and party with your new friends – then the Mountain Eco-Lodge project is for you.

For me personally, as someone who has been with GoEco in Iceland and Thailand, I thought what could be exciting about a place like Nimrod?

The thing that affected me the most was the nature: the fresh air, the quiet and the green that surrounded me. The sunrise and sunset were infused with orange and pink hues. There was one special occasion where I was walking around outside in the morning, and a mist had covered the landscape around me. It was one of the most amazing experiences – it was as if I was standing in the middle of a cloud. I was so surprised by all the nature because it was so different to other parts of Israel that I had seen before. I think this is what maximized the beauty of this area – because it was totally different.

The combination of teamwork, group project creations, beautiful landscape and fresh air make volunteering in Israel at the Mountain Eco-Lodge a memorable experience!