Alexia’s Volunteer Experience in South Africa – Not Just a Dream Come True

Posted by: Alexia G.

When I started my trip I had many doubts. It was my first time being alone in a foreign country, away from all my friends and family. But, I didn’t care; I was accomplishing one of my biggest dreams, to go to Africa to help animals. It was an incredible experience, absolutely unique at the Wildlife Sanctuary Project. You truly generate strong bonds with the animals, the staff and the other volunteers. We were like a little family and everyone was constantly trying to help, being cheerful and positive.

When you engage in this Go Eco experience, you start appreciating life through new eyes. You become so empathetic while being with these incredible animals and listening to their stories.

One of my favorite activities was to go on walks with the elephants, mud fights, feeding the animals, etc. Waking up every morning and finding zebras outside your room wasn`t all that bad either! I truly enjoyed watching Jared the giraffe trying to open up gates, the friendship I created with Kodi the leopard, the pool parties, the excursions, and so on.

I would like to add that I made wonderful friends from all over the world, people I’m never going to forget, that made my experience even more beautiful.

I could talk about another million things, (but this is a long post already) so finally, I just want to thank the GoEco team for an unforgettable experience that`s always going to be on my heart.