Volunteer in Thailand – Majestic Animals and Incredible People

Posted by: Gillian

My time on the Elephant Village Experience Thailand working with the elephants was incredible! I got to experience not only the care of these majestic animals, but also the daily life in a small rural village away from wifi, hot water, and busy traffic. It was refreshing to be in such a calm atmosphere, and the local Thai people are some of the most welcoming and friendly I have ever met.

If I were to recommend this project to anyone, I would tell them to expect lots of sugarcane cutting, smiles and waves from the local children when walking down the road, long sunset bike rides, and to be prepared to fall in love with the amazing elephants.

I enjoyed the balance of hard work and relaxation time. After a few hours of sweating like crazy in the fields planting banana grass and walking the elephants, I could also look forward to a cool shower, and some time to read my book while swinging in the hammock. Interspersed with the daily tasks, we also got to make weekly trips to the market, as well as kayaking in the river, which was really fun.

The staff at the project was fantastic, and by the end of my stay I found it hard to say goodbye, they had become my friends! The home cooked traditional meals were excellent, and I got a chance to try some delicious authentic Thai food and desserts.

They were also very helpful at helping to organize weekend trips, and I had an amazing time visiting the National Park, Koh Samet Island, and Angkor Wat in Cambodia. Overall, and excellent trip, I enjoyed every minute of it!