Volunteer in the Seychelles – Wildlife Conservation Expedition

Posted by: Michelle

Why did I choose to volunteer in the Seychelles at the Wildlife Conservation Expedition?  Because it is a place far from my home and a point on the map, on the east side of Africa, which looks very interesting. I knew it would be a magical place where I could forget my problems and take time out from my busy life. Even more, I would be engaged in conservation field work in a spectacular setting. It’s hard to get there on your own, but thanks to GoEco, getting there was a dream – an easy, pleasant, safe dream. The team on the ground that runs the Wildlife Conservation Expedition is fantastic. Even if you have a minor problem, they are there to help you. So, how would I describe volunteering in the Seychelles? In one word: amazing! But I know that amazing is not enough of a description so I’ll tell you more.

Once you settle in, you will see the diversity of staff and volunteers. The people I met were from all over the world and every culture. I learned so much from the other volunteers; it was great. The ocean and beaches are incredible and our accommodations were right on the beach! Every night we fell asleep to the sounds of waves rolling ashore.

Every day, the volunteers are assigned tasks to do. You are trained in how to do them and you always have other volunteers with you. Of course, if there is a problem, the staff will solve it and they come up with some pretty creative solutions. But, believe me, there’s no need to worry about anything. All you need to do is enjoy the experience, immerse yourself in the nature, the animals, the environment and the local people who are different and unique.

The most memorable day I had was so special that I need to tell you about it. There had been a turtle nest that we had been looking for for a long time. Although initially we couldn’t find it, I decide to continue digging in the sand and searching for it myself. And, guess what? Just as I was about to give up looking for the nest, I found it. Four baby turtles were stuck inside the nest. Of course I quickly got them out and let them find their way into the sea. This is an experience I will never forget.

I would like to say a huge thank you to GoEco for offering this great project!