Marc’s Volunteer Experience in South Africa – Animal Interactions and Awesome People

Posted by: Marc V.

My experience at the Wildlife Sanctuary Project at in South Africa has been one of the best of my life!

One of the best factors of the Project is the people you meet there. You get to know people from many nationalities, all about the same age and with similar interests to yours. I was lucky to have a very nice and friendly group, which I guess is the usual thing at the Project, and since you live and work with them during all your stay it’s crucial that you establish good relationships.

Our days there all started with the same assignments. From 8 to 9 we cleaned either the Stables or the Elephant House, this was a little tedious at first but then you got used to it and even enjoyed it. After cleaning, we had breakfast and after that we were divided into groups and had tasks assigned to each of them. The tasks were really varied, from picking up wood or building roads, to  doing game drives. At 12 we stopped for lunch, and after lunch the groups had to do different tasks until 5. Even though the tasks were so different, the Project Leaders made sure that all the groups did all the tasks.

To sum up, I would totally recommend the Wildlife Sanctuary Project. The mixture of hard work and animal interaction is really satisfying, and the people you meet there are awesome!