Mingyao’s Volunteer Experience in Sri Lanka – An Impressive Experience

Posted by: Mingyao M.

I went to Sri Lanka for the Sea Turtle Rescue and Rehabilitation program at the end of 2016, and it was an amazing trip for me. Because I arrived late, I went to the center in Kandy from airport by myself. I was very excited about the beautiful view on the way.

Most people in Sri Lanka were extremely friendly, and it was ok to use the combination of English and body language to communicate with them. I chose the orientation week as my first week program, and during this period, I visited many interesting places in Kandy, which included the temple of tooth. Kandy is the center of Buddhism; it was an impressive experience to learn the history and culture of this city.

After left Kandy, I went to a small town called Ambalangoda, where the sea turtle center was located. Most sea turtles in this center are disabled, and we learnt how to feed them and clean the tanks in there. The accommodation in Ambalangoda is just a 2min walk from the beach, which has stunning view of Indian Ocean and sunset. There are several staff members working with the volunteers, so you can get help from them for everything you need.

It was my first time volunteering and I really enjoyed it. Traveling abroad as a volunteer is a more meaningful way to travel than just as a tourist. In this trip I also made new friends from different countries. It was a great chance to get familiar with multiple cultures.