Volunteering in Bali – A Community Experience

Posted by: Laurence

I was volunteering at the Education and Community Work in Bali project for 2 weeks. The first week was the orientation week. During that week, we explored the village (Penestanan Kaja), Ubud and many more places! We learned the basics of Bahasa language, we had a cooking class and a cultural class, we went to a traditional Balinese dance show in central Ubud, we visited a breathtaking temple and we had a 3-hour walk through the rice fields.

It was an amazing week in which we had the chance to meet people from all around the world, plus we were immersing ourselves in a totally new different culture. The purpose of this week was to help us understand and learn about the Balinese culture in preparation to the volunteer project. The Bahasa language and cultural classes were very helpful for the teaching English project.

During the second week, we got assigned a school and a class to teach every day. The children were amazing and very eager to learn something different! Every day we had to teach to the class in English something that we had prepared the day before. Sometimes, there was a coordinator with us in the class to help us translate in Bahasa for the kids who had more difficulties in English. These two weeks passed by very fast and I would go back in a heartbeat! Thank you to GoEco and everyone I met during my stay in Indonesia.