Volunteering in Cambodia – Delivering Babies

Posted by: Lauren G.

I had the amazing opportunity to volunteer in Cambodia for a month working in the Oddar Meanchey Referral Hospital as a part of the Medical Aid project. This town has a few thousand of the poorest people on earth. Some of the locals there make less than a dollar a day so healthcare is very expensive and hard to obtain.

I was able to offer my Western training to aid the dedicated nurses and doctors in treating these individuals. I was able to discuss what the best treatment options werewith each medical doctor for the countless patients that came in including, hypoglycemic (malnutrition), gastritis, malaria, typhoid, TB, and emergency patients.

I saw diseases there that are now eradicated in Canada. It was an amazing eye opener for myself as a healthcare professional to bypass all the technology we rely so much on back home, and get back to the basics of healthcare in a different country. I was able to assist delivering countless babies, as well as assisting in the OR. Apart from assisting in the hospital, I was also able to teach a ECG and cardiac class for nurses and doctors in this rural hospital.

This experience volunteering in Cambodia was one of the most educational and fun experiences I have ever had. The homestay was also an amazing part of the trip, as the family was lovely and welcomed me with open arms. If you are considering this trip, DO IT! You will not regret it.