Volunteering in Costa Rica – My Rainforest Expedition

Posted by: Brody

Deciding to go on the Rainforest Expedition project was an easy decision to make. Getting to help collect data in the Seychelles while getting to live in a National Park sounded like a worthwhile experience, and it was. From the minute I finally arrived on Curieuse Island I knew this experience volunteering in Costa Rica wouldn’t be one I soon forget.

After arriving on the island we were immediately began our training in which we learned what the project was, what they did on the island, and why. From Sea Turtle nest surveys to mangrove population census there was so much to learn but in no time we were out on the island collecting data!

On our fist day we had the chance to see not only a Hawksbill nesting for the first time, but we also saw hatchlings making their way to the ocean! It was incredible to see rare creatures like that so abundant on the island!

Living in the Seychelles for two months was not only a great experience for the knowledge and conservation efforts you get to be a part of, but for the unique experience of living in an old leper colony in a national park! The base is unlike any other place around where even the place that you sleep in has hundreds of years of history!

On the island you also get to take part in surveys such as Lemon Shark Pup Census, Mangrove salinity tests, Tortoise Census, Coco De Mer growth surveys, and tweets or bird observation surveys! The experiences gained from this trip are invaluable and all of the priceless memories and friendships will last forever.

Overall my time on Curieuse in the Seychelles was a trip I wont soon forget and someday I hope to return. Nowhere else in the world can you find a place similar to the Seychelles and to be a part of the conservation efforts on such an amazing island is an opportunity not many people get to have!