Volunteering in Costa Rica – Sloths, Marmosets and more!

Posted by: Jessica

My first week was spent in San Jose for the required Spanish lessons week, and at first I was not looking forward to this week. I wanted to volunteer in Costa Rica right away, but I met some of the best people that first week and we took some of the most amazing trips! Costa Rica is so beautiful and full of culture; I fell in love with it!

When I started my two weeks of volunteering at the Animal Rescue and Conservation project I was so excited. The living situation was set up like a hostel, and everybody is so friendly that close friends were made quickly! The animals at the rescue were incredible.The first 48 hours you are not allowed to have animal contact, but you are still allowed to follow people and learn the ropes. Once the 48 hours are up you get to help baby sloths learn how to crawl, feed and rehabilitate the baby marmosets, feed the kinkojous, clean the howler cages, etc.

It is an incredible experience and definitely a dirty job! I loved every second of it and wished I would have stayed longer. When I was there they were transitioning to a new location which had bigger rooms and a lot more space for the animals! The Animal Rescue and Conservation project was an amazing experience and I cannot wait til I volunteer next!