Volunteering in Costa Rica – Turtle Conservation

Posted by: Rodrigo C.

During the summer I embarked a new journey with a focus on volunteering. I joined the Sea Turtle Conservation project located in the Guanacaste region which lies on the pacific coast of Costa Rica. The beach there is excellent for people who like to surf on their down time. The beach itself is beautiful because you can see the ocean intact without ships or oil rigs to ruin the view. The vegetation is so lush that every time you step onto the beach you enjoy a very rustic and prestigious view that many people could only dream of!

Walking down the beach you encounter trees that are always filled with coconuts and in most morning you can find yourself watching turtles lay their eggs. Every night is an unforgettable mission to go out and patrol the beaches in search of turtles or nests to protect them and help out with the mission of trying to save these endangered sea turtles!

With some work required to take care of the ranch during the day and plenty of down time, I’m sure that you will have an enjoyable experience while being part of a greater mission to save the turtles. At this project you will be able to practice your Spanish and meet people from around the world with a similar mentality as you. Volunteering in Costa Rica can help you expand your horizons and understand how people from around the world think and behave.