Volunteering in Costa Rica – What Does ‘Pura Vida’ Mean?

Posted by: Marie L.

Before July 2016 I had never volunteered, never been in contact with wilderness, never worked in a physical type of job. Therefore, when I registered for the Sea Turtle Conservation project from GoEco, I did not know what to expect. I came across the idea of volunteering after a dream I had about saving turtles. It sounds a bit strange but that is the truth. And as a matter of fact, this trip was sincerely dreamlike. I loved every bit of it.

The organisation is really efficient and quick to answer when you have any questions. The trips from the airports and schools or to the projects are well organized so you don’t have to worry. The welcome from your local family is warm and kind. You will never lack anything with them.

The project was fulfilling: the work is quite physical, but not too difficult and no pressure is put on you. You do not feel stressed out or over-watched. The coordinators are the sweetest people on earth and will always communicate with you. In 3 weeks I bonded with a handful of people who will forever stay in my heart and who I now proudly consider to be my friends. The work with the wildlife is amazing and leaves you with a feeling of achievement and usefulness. You really feel that you are making a difference.

If you are an animal-lover, environmental-friendly, curious, adventurous and knowledge-thirsty type of person, this program is made for you. In this single month I learned more about the world and myself than in any type of academical program.