Volunteering in Croatia – Dolphins in the Mediterranean!

Posted by: Bridget

Hi! My name is Linn and I volunteered in Croatia researching the Bottlenose Dolphins!

Being a part of the Bottlenose Dolphin Conservation project was a wonderful experience for me. Dolphins are fascinating animals who are both intelligent and beautiful. It was a great feeling to know that you are contributing to something good in the world at the same time as you are having fun with the people you meet there.

Every other day, the entire team went out with the boat to observe and collect data of the dolphins near the coast. While documenting them, they put on a very entertaining show for us! The morning the day after, we all analyzed the data collected. Everyone worked together and helped each other out. During the project, I started to understand how serious this situation is for the dolphins. We could understand the dolphins on another level than before.

Our project leader Darja cared full-heartedly about the dolphins and has dedicated a lot of time and energy to them. Throughout the project, she gave us lectures about them and their situation. We also visited a summer school to spread the knowledge to other children and locals who share the responsibility for the dolphins in the area.

The people I worked with became my family. We did everything together! On a short amount of time we became very close. On our free time, we went together to the water to snorkel and relax. I felt very safe during the project and in the village. I could always trust our project leader Darja and knew that I was always in good hands. She did a wonderful job and cared about us. Throughout the project she wanted us to get the best experience as possible.

Personally, volunteering in Croatia had a strong impact on me. I had a great time getting to know new people, observing the dolphins and at the same time being able to help them and make a difference. I will keep these memories close to my heart. Thank you for this time!