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Volunteering in India – My Time as a Volunteer

India is a beautiful place filled with beautiful people, and many incredible attractions. I spent two weeks volunteering in Udaipur volunteering at the Community Aid in Rajasthan project and it was the best two weeks of my life.

For the first few days I was able to tour around Udaipur too see the palaces, temples, lakes, and shops. I also had language, religion, history, self-defense, cooking, painting, and yoga classes to help me adapt and understand the culture. This was very helpful and fun as well!

The rest of my time was spent teaching in a Deaf and Mute school in the mornings, and a Community Center in the afternoon. In the Deaf and Mute school, I learned basic Indian Sign language and taught English and vocabulary, and did arts and crafts.

When I went to the Community Center, the children were split up into 4-5 different classes based on their age. I spent time with the toddlers and 6-10 year olds. We had so much fun reading, spelling, writing, and counting.Then we would all come together to sing songs and play games that the kids absolutely loved. When we were finished, they would all shake our hands and say “See you tomorrow!” with big smiles on their faces.I will never forget my friends and memories made in India.