Volunteering in India – Summer Camp

Posted by: Pablo R.

The Volunteer Travel Adventure project was enlightening in every aspect. It showed me how much misfortune there is in underdeveloped countries and taught me how badly people in India need our help. It all starts in education, how we raise and fill up with knowledge the children of tomorrow.

Our way of living in the West differs drastically from the way people live in India. As volunteers we saw incredible things we would have never imagined during our stay, such as how people really live in the slums. This was thanks to coming as a volunteer rather than as a tourist, which allowed us to immerse ourselves into the culture in a special way. We were able to see this unbelievably chaotic borough from the inside (even the inside of the houses!) thanks to the children (students from the school) who guided us through.

The sightseeing in so many different cities of India gave us a very complete idea of the country, its history and its traditions, in conjunction with the trekking trip through the Himalayas with left us speechless due to the beauty and the peace that we perceived during our night up there. This was for me one of the trip’s highlights.

The accommodation was quite satisfactory, which isn’t usual there, and everything was well communicated in such way that we could take an autorickshaw to wherever we wanted to go, always bargaining (this was the fun part), once we had finished the voluntary work for the day.

The great thing about this trip is that you get to see almost every sector of India, which means that you can also judge the differences between life in rural, crowded or more touristic areas. It has been really exciting to embark on this adventure, and to live it with amazing people I met along the way.

Good luck with your adventure!