Volunteering in Israel – The National Reserve Program

Posted by: Cynthia

During my time volunteering at the Desert Wildlife Program I got to see and experience things I never imagined I would. Waking up every morning and riding through the safari watching the sunset was one of the best parts about the whole trip.

The different tasks made each day unique, but always amazing. Learning the way things worked at the reserve and the way each ranger did their duties was awesome. Each morning began with either the animals in the tunnel or the predators, and I personally loved volunteering with the predators.

It was amazing to watch the animals’ individual habits and how they expressed themselves. Each had their own personality. A lot of time was spent fixing enclosures and fixtures for the animals but it was rewarding to see them move from smaller enclosures to larger fixtures with more space and room for them to live and thrive that is more similar to the wild. Almost every night a ranger would come ask us if we wanted to join for the night feeding. It was so great to feed the animals at night.

Every day at volunteering in Israel began and ended different than the last, but they were all days well spent. I am thankful I got to stay on a reserve with rangers as passionate about their work as the rangers at the Desert Wildlife Program. I would recommend the trip  for anyone who is looking to visit southern Israel and spend time with great people and every extraordinary animals.

I would like to especially thank  Yan for a great experience. He was there anytime anyone needed him and always going above and beyond to make sure everything was going smooth and what could be done to make it even smoother. Great person and great help!