Volunteering in Madagascar – Good Food and Great Company

Posted by: Wu

It was interesting to be a volunteer in Madagascar. I think this experience was full of change and pleasure. My project was Wildlife Research and Conservation and when I arrived at the camp, everyone said hello to me with big smile and enthusiasm. It made me feel like home like we were family. Our camp was beautiful. When you lay on the beach, you could see the Milky Way on the dark blue sky with the nice sounds of waves.

When I was doing night work, I discovered creatures that I had never seen before. They were kind of weird and moved very slowly.

The food at camp was rice and beans from Monday to Wednesday. It was simple but healthy. I mean, if you are vegetarian, you’ll definitely be happy. I am not a vagetarian , but I still enjoyed the food. We had steak night every Thursday night, and we got a big meal every Friday night that varied.

We went to the town every Saturday morning, which was exciting. That meant that I could enjoy pizza and sweet pineapple juice.It was great that you could go swimming after work. Usually the work started at 6:30AM and finished at around 5:00PM. You also had the option to join the night work team at 7:00PM. There were so many activities!

I met some really amazing people and ate delicious food while volunteering in Madagascar. Cheers! For everlasting friendship.