Volunteering in Rio – Making A Difference

Posted by: Vincent R.

My favorite part of volunteering was just being able to go to a favela three days a week and helping out in any way I could at the Teach Art and Paint with Children in Rio project. Never did I think I would ever work in a favela or even make a difference for that matter. The painting project was the most gratifying by far. Being able to see the improvement of the steps week to week and getting help from two other volunteers was absolutely amazing and something I’m very proud of.

Bete’s steps are just the beginning in hopefully painting the entire alley and neighborhoring stairwells in an effort that I think will greatly improve the attitude and perception of nearby areas in Complexo…I feel priveleged to say I played a small role in a very big and important project…The leadership and cooperation from Santina, Lohran, bete and Maddie was unbelievable. I couldn’t have asked for better people to get me acclimated and really compelled to come volunteer every day and really take pride in what I was doing in each favela.