Volunteering in South Africa – All the Inspiration I Found in Cape Town

Posted by: Michelle

The benefits I received from my trip to South Africa on the Teach Children and Surf in Cape Town project are too numerous to count. My days spent in the schools and working with children opened my eyes to the life many people in Cape Town lead. I have always heard that people living in situations where they have next to little are some of the happiest and most inspirational people you can meet. The kids are, of course, happy and filled with energy. They were excited to learn and play and interact with me. The hugs, screams, and excitement that I received when I arrived at school every morning are something unparalleled in my life at home.

The teacher that I worked with in the classroom was also extremely inspiring. I learned that she works with twenty-three 5-6 year olds every weekday from 6:00 until 18:00. That is an extremely long day, to keep that many children at bay – especially with no outside area to bring them to. Her patience and care for the children day in and day out is incredible. It was extremely inspiring to hear that she indeed does love working with children and loves teaching in a community where a lot of people would see teaching as just a way to have a job.

In addition to the amazing experience I had working in the schools, I had amazing experiences with the culture and the people in the community. Everyone that I encountered from tour guides, to taxi drivers, to people I was passing in the streets was very pleasant and willing to help.

The other volunteers that were on the trip were some of the most incredible people I have met. To hear their stories and learn about where they came from was extremely interesting. To see the interest to come help in South Africa from all over the world was heart warming and inspiring. Not only did I get the chance to learn from them, but also had the opportunity to make lifelong friends.