Volunteering in South Africa – Fun at the Ranch

Posted by: Gizela

When I went to through GoEco’s website to find out what programs I would be interested I discovered the African Wildlife Ranch. I signed up and when I arrived, I didn’t know anyone. By the time I left, I had new friends from all over the world. The respect and love the animal handlers have for these amazing creatures is just moving.

When I went it was winter time and even then we weren’t stopped from doing things like caring for there majestic animals, I mean where else can you get this close to a cheetah, lions, white tigers, lemurs and leopards?

And the learning about how the environment is changing and causing the cheetahs to have less space to run around and be free. They are in danger of becoming extinct because of farmers and poachers. The experience volunteering in South Africa was that of a lifetime.

And the staff always friendly and supportive from helping with rent a cars, to help planning activities on the weekends, because you definitely want to go and explore. There were restaurants, shops,to explore in the town of Oudtshoorn, Cango Caves, Buffelsdrift where you could watch the sunset and have dinner near hippos, and ride elephants. And on the weekends with your new found friends you could explore further away.