Volunteering in South Africa – Lions, Cheetahs and Caracals… Oh My!

Posted by: Ana

My experience volunteering at the Wild Cat Sanctuary project in South Africa was incredible. We woke up each morning to the sound of lions roaring. Volunteers helped out around the farm on a daily basis by preparing food for the cats and helping out with tasks like building new animal enclosures.

While I was there, we were working on a new space for Roger the caracal. We also assisted on daily tours of the facility. In between working, there was plenty of free time to spend quality time with the animals of your choice, including cheetahs, caracals, lions, servals, monkeys, and more.

When it got too hot in the African summer sun, you could always count on someone to throw you in the pool to cool off! The days would end by walking through the farm with the other volunteers and watching the animals and the breathtaking South African sunsets.

On days or evening off, we had our choice of activities. We traveled to a couple of game parks and were able to see some spectacular African animals including rhinos, warthogs, zebras, and even a baby giraffe! It was such a blast to stand in the back of the truck with the wind whipping through our hair and seeing the amazing African landscape and wildlife.

Aside from spending every day with my favorite animals, the best part of the program was the people. The owners of the Wild Cat Sanctuary, make you feel so welcome and like part of the family, whether you are staying for one week or two months. They are incredibly passionate about caring for their animals and standing strong against canned hunting. The overall experience volunteering in South Africa was too great to even put into words. Before I even left, I was already planning my return!