Volunteering in South Africa – Making a Difference

Posted by: Jennifer

Volunteering in South Africa at the Teach Children and Surf in Cape Town project was absolutely and utterly indescribable. I had high expectations going into it and my experience exceeded those expectations by a long shot. I made lifelong friends from all over the world and felt like I truly met my type of people. We were all gathered there for the same reason; to make a difference, and I feel like that really bonded us. Working with the children of the townships and settlements was amazing, to say the very least.

The living conditions in Du Noon were unimaginable, but that is what made it so eye opening. It really put things into perspective for me and I was able to return back to my home in the United States with more of an appreciation for my community, my friends, and my family. It was extremely rewarding after project each day to return back to the hostel knowing that I was actually making an impact on the lives of the young people I was working with.

Just to offer a few hugs, kisses and a little bit of attention made all the difference in the world to these kids and it warmed my heart. At the conclusion of my trip, the principal of the pre-school I was working in, Babes Educare, complimented my attitude while working in the classroom and recognized my admiration for the students.

This factor alone made me want to return back to Cape Town and continue helping these kids to grow and to excel in all of their future endeavors.