Volunteering in South Africa – My Favorite Trip Ever

Posted by: Ula

This was one of the most amazing volunteering experiences so far in my life being at the project Cape Town Community Projects. Before departing, I was really excited but a bit nervous. I met so many volunteers from all over the world. People were so nice and friendly.

The part I liked the most was taking care and educating kids at the school in township. Although they lived in a horrible environment with limited resources, the kids were still pure and naive. Every day when we arrived at the school, kids were so enthusiastic and kept saying “teacher, teacher, teacher…” to welcome us and ran to us for a big hug. I was so touched at many moments: a child’s mother expressed appreciation to us, the kids were so thoughtful holding my hands and helping me to clean up the mess, kids shared their snacks with each other.

I couldn’t imagine how those township kids’ childhood would be until I participated in their life. We had a totally different life with them. Finally I realized how happy and lucky I am and I’ve never felt regret to join this volunteer experience. I could deeply felt the happiness during my trip and I felt that it’s more blessed to give than to receive. I did learn a lot and also received a lot during the volunteering trip.

Besides, I would also like to say, Cape Town is one of the most amazing place in the world. I had a great time there with lots of outdoor activities: Table mountain climbing, shark cage diving, skydiving, Cape Point tour. I would definitely visit Cape Town again some day!