Volunteering in South Africa – My Love for Wild Animals

Posted by: Christina

The Wild Cat Sanctuary project is the perfect place for those who want to contribute to the happy life of wild animals and, of course, for those who love wild cats! You will find lions, cheetahs, servals, caracals, African wild cats, bat-eared foxes, vervet monkeys and jackals on the farm. Some of them are used to people so that you can go in with them, some like to be left in peace. After arriving at the project you will learn the personalities and behaviors of all these amazing animals, learning along with it the routine and the ways of the farm.

The farm itself is situated far from the city but has accommodations which are quite comfortable to live even for a long time. Often enough you will go to Kimberley to shop, eat out and enjoy yourselves with other volunteers. During the lunch breaks you will be able to sunbathe or swim in the pool, have yet more time with your favorite animals or just relax as you please.

Aside from relaxing time, remember, that you will have to work. There is a fixed schedule according to which you will have to get up early and go around your chores. Sometimes there is not much to do and sometimes there is a lot of hard and even dirty work to be done during the day, including construction, helping around the house, cutting meat, feeding etc. It is important to remember that you came here not to enjoy, but also to help and, thanks to your contribution, the farm will grow and prosper. You will be able to see its progress with your own eyes even if you stay only for two weeks.

The owners are very friendly and nice people and always try to make sure all the volunteers are fine and comfortable. They will help you to arrange a trip to safari parks or local landmarks, if you wish so, and will take you to the city when necessary.

Volunteering in South Africa and the Wild Cat Sanctuary project gives you the great and unique opportunity, allowing you to learn more about wild animals, while being as close to them as you have never been in your life. During your stay, you will have a lot of unforgettable experience, including feeding a pride of lions, going on the night drives and many others.