Volunteering in South Africa – My True Home

Posted by: Cathrine

How do I start to explain how much I love this place?

My name is Cathrine. I´m 19 years old, from Norway. This journey was my very first adventure that I organized by myself. I traveled with two friends of mine, and we were all a bit nervous and excited. When we arrived at the Wildlife Sanctuary project, the first thing we saw was three female lions; Sahara, Sarabi and Savuti, playing in the shade. It only took us a second to forget how nervous we were and we never looked back.

If I had known how amazing our stay would be, I would never had booked tickets home after just two weeks. I understood just when walking out of the car the first day that I had made a huge mistake. I never wanted to leave.

What really came as a surprise for me was the other volunteers and the staff. I never thought I could make life long friendships in just two weeks. Even though we had ”Poo Mondays”, where we would start the week with an entire day cleaning away shit, the Mondays were always good days, because I had so many good friends with me.

Looking back there is only good memories. I came back to Norway under 24 hours ago, and I am already looking for new tickets back to my real, African home. If you consider travelling to the sanctuary, don´t hesitate. I can promise you the only thing you will regret is not staying there forever.