Volunteering in Spain – The Tranquil Requijada

Posted by: Jamie

With my interest in agriculture and building relationship with horses, I have joined the Wildlife Research and Ecological Farming project for a week.
During the week, I got a chance to have close contact with the horses and assisted in training them. It was really lovely to stay close with them and I was especially happy when we reached the desirable training results.

I do miss all the mornings and afternoons with the horses. I have engaged in some garden works like harvesting and plowing. The freshly harvested food was very delicious. I enjoyed every meal with the great view of Requijada’s landscape. Also, I participated in the ornithological research which offered me a valuable opportunity to appreciate and understand more about different breeds of birds.

Requijada is a peaceful village with rich biodiversity. I got plenty of time to explore the beautiful landscape all around the village, on foot and by bike. I have walked around the mountains in Requijada and I believe that the view would be even more fascinating if I come in spring. During the walk, Genevieve and Brian have introduced to me different species of plants and interactions between the wildlife.

They were very nice and have shared a lot of valuable knowledge with me including horses’ and magpies’ behaviors, agriculture, traditional and eco-friendly building technologies. It was great to learn by experiencing but not merely by reading from books. I have gained a lot more than I expected from volunteering in Spain and I will highly recommend this worthwhile and instructive project to the others.