Volunteering in Sri Lanka – Land of Smiles

Posted by: Radu

Since I set off to volunteer in Sri Lanka, I knew I had embarked on a once-in-a-lifetime journey. It all started with the heart-warming smiles of the people at the airport, the Kandyan locals and the volunteers and staff at the volunteer house. Blessed with all the happiness and love all these people shared with the new stranger from Romania, me, I started my placement at the Child Care and Community Work project, and boy did it deliver.

Days started with a 40 minutes spiritual session with one of the sisters, and after discovering the meaning of life, we jumped straight into lending a hand. From putting on nail polish and washing their faces and hands to coloring and building with blocks, it was an eye opening experience. I realised that love is everywhere , no matter how many fingers, neurons or years left to live we have.

My second project, the Sea Turtle Rescue & Rehabilitation project was pure fun, which blended in seamlessly with manual labour. From the outgoing and fun coordinator to the amazing cook, Ambalangoda and its turtle farm will never be forgotten. Even though moving sand, feeding the ferocious reptiles and claning their tanks was no easy job, we sweat our way to success.

The 4 weeks I volunteered in Sri Lanka not only changed the way I percieve life, happiness and love, but also the life of the people I worked for. I would like to thank both the team at GoEco  for having faith in a 16 year old from a second world country. I do hope I have not dissapointed. Sri Lanka has created lifelong memories and until next years’ volunteering travels, “Houston, transmission over”.