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Volunteering in Thailand – An Experience Like No Other

Stepping out of my comfort zone and volunteering in Thailand at the Learn, Volunteer and Travel project with this amazing organization is something I will remember forever. I was fortunate to meet such kind-hearted children and make such wonderful friends, while volunteering. For the first week I was able to volunteer at an orphanage in a small village. This was wonderful because we were able to build a safe and friendly environment for the children as well as interact with them.

I was also happy to discover that GoEco offered volunteers to switch programs and try new things. For my second week I taught English at a school in Sing Buri and was greeted by wonderful Thai children. As soon as the van would pull up to the school the children would rush all at once: I was stormed by hugs and lovely smiles. I was overwhelmed with joy when I saw how eager these children were to learn. They did not take their education for granted and showed their gratitude by making gifts for the volunteers.

Throughout the program GoEco and the local Thai team ensured their volunteers fun by implementing social gatherings throughout the week. I enjoyed this because it kept everyone occupied when we weren’t volunteering and it was a great way to meet new people.

This volunteering experience is like no other because you gain a first-hand perspective on Thai culture that you wouldn’t be able to absorb through a text book. Overall, this experience has been unforgettable and I am very grateful.