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Volunteering in Thailand – Flexibility and Creativity

GoEco’s partnership with the organization in Koh Samui should be considered as a great success. My trip began with a wonderful day of sightseeing in Bangkok – with lots of different impressions and first insights into the Thai culture. This day was topped with a great night out exploring the famous Koh San Road in Bangkok.

The next day and night we had a fun bus and ferry trip to Koh Samui, where finally my work at the Koh Samui Beach and Build project has begun. The weather has been hot and rainy at the same time. In fact, the conditions have been changing a lot and the work at the school has been challenging as well.

How did we face these challenges?

Well, we continued the work at the school with a big smile, a huge portion of fun, a mixture of flexibility, creativity and a positive way of thinking. That’s the Thai way, fellows! Indeed, the Thai culture has to be loved. No matter what, Thai people always stay calm, smile and find a solution. This is definitely something the Western Culture should adapt.

Sadly, my four weeks at Koh Samui Beach and Build had passed far too fast.

I have had competitive table tennis sessions, I have met wonderful people, I have had interesting conversations with different types of people, I have made great friends, I have seen beautiful beaches, I’ve swam with pigs and local kids, and I have eaten a ton of spicy food. Simply put, a unique experience and great times volunteering in Thailand!