Volunteering in Thailand: The Paradise

Posted by: Sofi

My name is Sofi, I’m Mexican and I am 21 years old. My first impressions of Thailand were the culture and the overall the respect that they have for their religion, things and people. After knowing that Thailand has one of the best sunsets and the most genuine and beautiful people, I fell in love with Thailand, and the Elephant Village Experience.

The staff were very nice, attentive and fun. I am definitely going to miss their cooking. They have the biggest hearts, and the biggest ambition ever to help out. There should be more people just like them.

My fellow volunteers took a while to understand me, but they tried to. I am grateful for their patience and I made the best friends. I am sure that they will follow me for the rest of my life. They also know they have a home in Mexico. I love them very much.

The village people are beautiful inside and out. I was impressed by their hard work, and I was most impressed by the way they treat their animals. I will never forget the elephants. It was so unreal to work and just be with them. They are the type of animals that deserve the all love and respect in the world, and I am sure this is the best place for them.

My heart stays in Surin, Thailand, with the people and elephants of this village. I came as one person and I am leaving completely as someone else. I leave someone very special behind, and he knows that he stays with a part of me. I want him to know that I will never forget him in my life. Since I was little, my dream was to travel alone and meet Thailand. The Elephant Village Experience made my dreams come true and made it even better than I could have imagined.