Volunteering in Thailand – Where Colors and Smiles Always Shine

Posted by: Delia

I volunteered for two weeks in Koh Samui at the Teach and Beach project to teach English at all levels, from elementary to advanced intermediate, to children in two schools of the island. The project is masterly coordinated with incredible energy, enthusiasm, efficiency and professionalism by an English teacher, Lucy trained in mainstream TEFL teaching practices but adapted to the local Thai culture and customs.

You are supported in every aspect of your working and free time by the wonderful Tee and Arm who with Lucy make up a wonderful trio by giving their heart and soul to the project and inspiring even the most timid of volunteers to do the same. The lessons taught are clearly structured and prepared and follow a previously devised and approved plan so you will not leave you to figure it out alone.

Importantly, but not crucially, you really get the opportunity to test your skills with kids from a background completely different from yours if you are a qualified TEFL teacher (as I was), but equally you will reap immense rewards both the human and cultural perspective even if you are not and you may well discover a vocation you did not know you had!

While the teaching hours and those for preparing lessons will occupy a good part of your day, you will have ample time to enjoy Thai beautiful food and yummy street food especially, explore the culture, mesmerising coastline and nearby idyllic islands.Leaving will be hard because even with only two weeks you will have got so close to and in tune with Lucy, Tee and Arm as you will to the children and other volunteers buddies, that you wish you could stay at least a little longer…

But most likely you will feel much richer and inspired to support the program either by coming back or acting as an ambassador for what is a fantastic project with fantabulous coordinators in a spectacular setting. I would recommend volunteering in Thailand to anyone.