Volunteering in the Maldives – Adorable Babies!

Posted by: Brandi

My experience volunteering in the Maldives at the Marine and Turtle Conservation project was both educating and unforgettable! The center itself isn’t a high-tech facility like the ones we would have in the States by all means, but it is up and functioning and serving the same purpose as any other center.

We encouraged locals to bring in any turtles that may be kept as pets so we could take care of them and nurse them into good health; that way we could release them into the wild when they are ready. Daily volunteering would involve cleaning the tanks and feeding the turtles. Most days involved a morning and afternoon shift involving the same process.

I got to pick up the turtles and move them into their tanks on a daily basis. I’ll never forget how awesome it was to hold all of them! And the babies were absolutely adorable! I never got tired of watching those little guys swim around and explore their tanks.Each turtle seemed to have different personalities that made it easy to tell the difference between each turtle. It was really incredible! One of my favorite days was when we did weights and measurements because we took measurements for every single turtle and it was so cute to watch!

Especially the babies! We had so many fun, off duty activities and excursions whenever we weren’t working! We went snorkeling off the pier, exploring the coral gardens, took boat rides to uninhabited islands, searching local shops for snacks, and one time took a trip to a nearby resort! Not to mention the other volunteers and marine biologists were amazing! They really made my trip one to never forget!