Volunteering in the Maldives – Hatch and Release!

Posted by: Prithvi

I still remember how excited I was on the boat trip to Naifaru. When I arrived at the Marine and Turtle Conservation project,  I received a very unexpected warm welcome from the team there. It was my first time volunteering for such a program and I’m happy I did it.

I learned a lot during my three week stay and made some great friends. Waking up early every day, going to the marine center to feed the turtles and carrying out the rest of our duties taught me a lot about marine life.

We got to release a few hatchlings and grown turtles into the ocean. Watching the turtles playing, chasing bubbles and jumping on each other was a treat.

The excursions we had to nearby islands, countless hours spent snorkeling watching the vibrant colors of the ocean and the sunsets is something nobody can forget. The team that worked there was hard working and very dedicated and they made sure that we had a comfortable stay and helped us every step of the way.

Volunteering in Maldives was an experience of a lifetime, meeting the other volunteers, all those jokes, noisy times, teaching each other about our cultures, swapping hilarious stories and those forever happy faces is something I will miss. But I still had a great time and maybe I’ll learn something better on my next trip.