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Posted By: Laura
I managed to FaceTime my cousin when I gained access to WiFi again and she asked me, \'So what did you learn from all this?\' I simply responded with, \'If you don’t cut the weeds you cannot see the beautiful temple.\' That statement meant to me that only when you get rid of all the impure, damaging things around you, can you reveal the beautiful temple within.
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Posted By: Abby C.
#India,#Development,#Community Aid
In the Deaf and Mute school, I learned basic Indian Sign language and taught English and vocabulary, and did arts and crafts.When I went to the Community Center, the children were split up into 4-5 different classes based on their age. I spent time with the toddlers and 6-10 year olds. We had so much fun reading, spelling, writing, and counting.
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Posted By: Kelly
Along with two workers and four other volunteers, we worked hard to build an eco-cabin constructed from a mixture of earth, sand, and hay. We enjoyed regular trips to the pool during our breaks and ate family-style meals three times daily. Here, I fully embraced Israeli culture and learned more about the Hebrew language as well as how to prepare traditional Israeli food.
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Posted By: Sean
#South Africa,#Community Aid,#Education,#Development
...I was amazed how quickly the kids gravitated toward us. Even the new guy was mobbed by hugs upon arrival and frequently throughout the day. The love from these kids is simply amazing. This in and of itself was worth the trip. These kids, who have so very little, adore the “teachers”. Most everyone is called “teacher” until you hang around for a few days then they might start with “Teacher Sean.” So, so cool!
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Posted By: Trisha
#South Africa,#Community Aid,#Development,#Education
The most memorable moment of my whole time was seeing the children for the first time. They were waiting at the fence of the school, HUGE smiles on their faces, cheering and screaming for all of us. I could feel their love just by looking at their faces.
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Posted By: Zara
It was a trip I don’t regret taking! It’s the best if it’s your first time travelling alone, because there is 24 hour support and the mentors are so lovely and will pick up the phone whenever you need to speak to them. It was an amazing experience helping these kids and having fun with them, and also having a taste of amazing Spanish culture and living independently with roommates. It’s definitely something I would recommend for students in summer or holiday breaks.
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Posted By: Mike
#Thailand,#Community Aid,#Development
We spent the rest of the time laying tiles in the (open air) laundry and common area of the school. Although it was hard physical work mixing cement by hand in very hot conditions, it was very satisfying to see the progress we made and just what I was looking for. I was particularly pleased that the kids wouldn’t have to come back and see the damage the flood had done, as I imagined how my kids would feel to see their (meager) possessions broken and muddy.
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Posted By: Kathryn G.
I would go back in a heartbeat and certainly will the next chance I get. I will be recommending this project to everyone I know back home. It\'s not just for your regular volunteering, do good people, anyone can do this project and anyone can come here and make a difference.
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Posted By: Bettina
#Israel,#Development,#Conservation,#Hospitality Internships
We learned all about mud-building, which is a mess and hard work but fun too and a very ecological way of building. Work started early in the cooler morning hours and then again after a long siesta-break in the afternoon. I was very sad when I had to leave and will definitely come again.
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