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Posted By: Mingyao M.
#Sri Lanka,#Wildlife,#Conservation
Most people in Sri Lanka were extremely friendly, and it was ok to use the combination of English and body language to communicate with them. I chose the orientation week as my first week program, and during this period, I visited many interesting places in Kandy, which included the temple of tooth. Kandy is the center of Buddhism; it was an impressive experience to learn the history and culture of this city.
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Posted By: Radu
#Sri Lanka,#Community Aid,#Humanitarian Aid,#Marine Conservation,#Wildlife
Days started with a 40-minute spiritual session with one of the sisters, and after discovering the meaning of life, we jumped straight into lending a hand. From putting on nail polish and washing their faces and hands to coloring and building with blocks, it was an eye opening experience.
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Posted By: Maddie
#Sri Lanka,#Community Aid
The most rewarding feeling was when the kids homework was 100% correct, and they would get a sticker for writing three good characteristics, or correctly solving a math problem. Every day volunteering in Sri Lanka was a new adventure, and every night as I lay in bed wrapped tightly in a mosquito net and doused in mosquito repellent, I felt that I had made a difference; and alongside me was my friends from numerous other countries, relishing with me in the same feeling of and overwhelming joy.
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Posted By: Matthew
#Sri Lanka,#Marine Conservation,#Wildlife,#Conservation
The second week I moved down south to a new house and to work with the turtles. This was an amazing experience, it was very hands-on and I got to spend as much time with the turtles as I wanted. We cleaned them, fed them and generally worked with them on the beach trying to get them back to full health. They are such amazing animals and the work they do at at this project is fantastic. All the volunteers really care for each individual turtle and no one is afraid about getting dirty and being involved.
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Posted By: Ilze
#Sri Lanka,#Wildlife,#Marine Cosnervation
The day-to-day activities are related to protection and rehabilitation of sea turtles, because they are protected reptiles.Three weeks later after coming back home, my heart is till there, in Sri Lanka.
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Posted By: Devyka S.
#Sri Lanka,#Asia
Volunteering at the dog care clinic has been an unforgettable experience and I absolutely recommend the program to anyone considering it. You don’t any special qualifications, experience or veterinary knowledge. Just bring along a love for animals and a desire to lend a paw. I’m sure your time here will be meaningful and you’ll fall in love with the people and animals there just as I did.  
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