Irene’s Experience Teaching in Bahir Dar

Posted by: Irene M.

It has been an amazing stay in this project. Since the first day, I have really felt at home. The local team was friendly and extremely helpful. I was nervous at first but when I met the kids, my nervousness disappeared. We went over English vocabulary words, grammar and speaking.  The kids are very nice and they behave politely. They were very grateful for our teaching because they knew that it was a great opportunity for them.

The local coordinator taught me a bit of Amharic, so that made easier for me to communicate with the locals. We also went to the city center to see the market, the church and the lake. I loved the market. In our free time, we hung out by the lake or in the city center. On weekends, I took a trip to the Bue Nile Waterfalls and to Lalibela, both of which were amazing.

This volunteer project is relatively new, but I think it will grow to be better and help a lot of schoolchildren. I really enjoyed my time with the coordinators and the other participant, Ilie. I have learnt a lot from this experience and I will never forget it.