Summer in Europe with Dolphins!

Posted by: Daniella A.



Volunteer in Croatia for the conservation of bottlenose dolphins! Sail in the beautiful Adriatic sea while working with the only organization in the region that is conducting this research. Collect data, participate in nautical tasks & spread awareness about marine conservation at local events. Enjoy a group excursion during your stay!



Live aboard a historic boat and assist with data collection as you sail along the Italian coastline! Study dolphin behaviour, record bioacoustics and evaluate the impact of boat traffic upon the ecosystem. Volunteers sleep abroad the boat, which docks at Ischia Island each evening. During free time, enjoy Ischia’s natural thermal springs.



  • Like human babies, young dolphins “babble” when they are first learning to communicate.
  • Dolphins are very social creatures, who enjoy playing with one another.
  • Because dolphins are mammals, they need to rise to the surface of the water to breathe.