Found 79 volunteer projects:

Volunteer in Goa, one of India’s most treasured and beautiful regions. Teach local children in impoverished communities; therefore, leading them towards a brighter future.

Live among some of Africa’s spectacular wildlife while working on a team expedition to complete projects that better life in the sanctuary. See the immediate benefits of your volunteer work while getting up close and personal with the zebras, cheetahs, elephants, and many more animals that have found a haven at the sanctuary.

Get back to nature…in a sustainable, desert oasis community in Israel that focuses on eco-building and sustainable agriculture! Get your hands dirty and live as eco-friendly as possible with like-minded participants to truly make a difference.

Join this tropical island project and get involved with marine conservation, community work, and education. Zanzibar is a fascinating archipelago with a deeply embedded history, an intriguing blend of cultures, and stunningly beautiful beaches and sea life.

Contribute to a number of different projects to help the local community, including working in the educational system and helping to strengthen and promote women’s empowerment in the village!

Volunteer for rescuing animals at one of the most important Amazon wildlife centers in Ecuador! Work hands-on with various animals under the professional care of the center.

Come to the island of Viti Levu to inspire and motivate local children who are at the start of their school careers. Apart from teaching English, you will have a unique opportunity to get these kindergartners excited about their future!

Immerse yourself in the unique Zambian lifestyle while gaining valuable insight into the healthcare system and providing much needed educational outreach. In the afternoons, volunteers will join a range of projects designed to improve the lives of community members.

Volunteer for the biggest orphan rhino sanctuary in the world. Be part of a local professional team that rescue, rehabilitates, release and protect rhinos.

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