3rd Week Free Grant!

Join us this year on one of the  volunteer programs listed below and get your 3rd week for free! Our volunteer programs offer this grant during important months when they need passionate volunteers the most. From caring for orphaned animals in Zimbabwe, aiding sea turtle conservation in Sri Lanka, to teaching kids how to surf in Cape Town. There are limited grants assigned for each placement.
Schedule a phone interview to evaluate if you meet the criteria.

3rd week free between March 1st till May 31st | If you are passionate about wild animals and want to make a difference in their lives, then volunteer at the African Wildlife Ranch! Help their incredible staff with diverse animal care & conservation efforts.

3rd week free between October 1st till March 31st |Help fight food waste in Lisbon by participating in this program! Join local volunteer groups to share leftover food from grocery stores & eateries with the homeless and families in need.