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Sustainability Initiative - Free Week Abroad

Dreaming of your next trip abroad? Join our sustainable initiative!
Stay longer, volunteer and reduce your carbon footprint. GoEco will cover your 3rd or 4th week abroad for free*, see how in 2 easy steps:
Step 1: Choose and apply to one of our selected sustainable volunteer programs below. 
Step 2: Schedule an interview with a GoEco Volunteer Advisor to see if you meet the requirements via this link:​

*3rd or 4th week grants are available based on the program you choose below and the start month in 2021. 

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3rd Week for Free! Volunteer at one of the largest and most successful wildlife sanctuary and rehabilitation centers in Africa! Volunteers on this project work with a range of animals, from monkeys to lions. Experience Zimbabwe's...
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4th Week for Free! Volunteer for rescuing animals at one of the most important Amazon wildlife centers in Ecuador! 
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4th Week for Free! Support kids who have limited access to educational resources. As a volunteer, you will live in a traditional fishing village, bond with locals, and exchange culture in this enriching experience.  
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4th Week for Free! Go on an experience of a lifetime in South Africa as you volunteer for the conservation of the Marine Big Five species! Gain hands-on experience working in marine conservation with this highly reputable organization
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