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Volunteer for Leopards

Despite the leopard's majestic appeal to conservationists and tourists alike, they are one of the big cats which are under a direct threat from humans. Through illegal hunting, habitat loss and habitat fragmentation their numbers and those of their South American cousins the Jaguar are currently in decline across the globe.

As a result, the leopard is currently considered to be a vulnerable species and are on the edge of becoming endangered. GoEco has therefore paired with local conservation efforts around the world working to protect these creatures before it is too late. You can join professional conservationists in rehabilitating sick and injured leopards, research important topics such as body mass and growth, behavior and gestation periods, protect and enrich the lives of animals residing long-term in sanctuaries due to an inamility to live in the wild, track jaguars in the Costa Rican jungle, and so much more.

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